Red light Therapy!

Jag har börjat göra en behandling som heter ”Red light therapy”.
Jag måste säga att jag är väldigt imponerad av resultaten.
Min hy känns mycket bättre renare jämnare och fräshare, nästan som att gå bak i tiden.
Älskar denna behandling har nu gått 5gånger och ska dit idag igen.
Kommer att gå så ofta som möjligt. Har köpt 1 månad unlimited på en salong här. :)

Så här står det om behandlingen online:

Red Light Therapy FAQ

What can I expect from Red Light Therapy treatments?
Treatments using red light will improve skin tone and texture, control pigmentation spots, help reduce pore size, encourage vibrant, healthier-looking skin, and reduce fine lines. Anti-aging red light therapy stimulates circulation and repairs the elastin fibers within tissue to help keep skin firm. Over time improved oxygenation & detoxification is achieved as the vascular walls of the skins small blood cells are strengthened, followed by improved natural repair and creation of healthy skin. Skin cells grow by 150% to 200% when exposed to Red Light Therapy. Skin texture and moisture level is also improved with this skin healing process. Overall you will look and feel younger!

SONY DSCred-light-therapy-before-and-after-picturesCellulite_Treatment_Triactive_Laserdermology

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31 reaktion på “Red light Therapy!

  1. Interesting therapy…. I think the results are there, as well… next time show your butt… hahaha :)

    Also, Years ago I worked on a small handheld device that contained LED’s with varying wavelength light emission. The item was being constructed for a doctor in Texas and near the same timeframe Nasa was also developing a similar device. They were used for skin therapy and treatment of cancer.

    By the way, your body is looking really top notch in the recent pics… so Lovable… hope someone gets to enjoy that. 😉

    Anyhow nice informative post…
    Good Night Nati :)

        • I can’t speak for others, but Good guys in general are probably not perfect and that is why they are hard to find… because most women are looking for perfect prince charming…. with all the money, security, etc.

          Myself, I focus on two ladies right now for a hit or miss type of luck, neither shows alot of interest in me…. Nati is one…. the other is in London currently and I try hard to win her heart, albeit I am not rich right now… I would make a good friend and that is how a good relationship should start and endure….. also what I need is a woman to say your mine… she has to make it direct and I don’t find that often so I spend my time painting my Loves…. that keeps me inspired at the depths of my lows… because I do suffer from depression which is likely caused by my loneliness, or the fact that I am single and waiting for one of my loves to Love me back…. and sometimes I wait a long time.

          My advice find a guy you like…. and make it direct and tell him, you might be surprised… 😉 and don’t look for perfect prince charming.

          Have a nice day.

          • Hi Brent. I have some advice for you, as well. It seems like you focus on beautiful, young models. The other girl that you call you love interest, Anna Andres, is only 20(!) years old and a miss Universe contestant.

            I’m sorry, but your love interest are completely unrealistic. You are one of the many fans they have, and that is it. You are a online fan. Have either of the girls ever replied to you?

            Why don’t you focus on normal WOMEN in your area?

            You can’t give advice for others ”don’t look for prince charming”, when you yourself are looking for 20 year old supermodels who you haven’t even met. You say that all girls go for handsome, rich men and should look for a ”nice friend” instead. Why don’t you follow your own advice? Why don’t you find a nice woman your own age, that has something in common with you?

          • T… who ever you are…. I’m not sure…
            Anna is 21 and I am 29 that is not very bad at all… I have had friends who were 40 and married 23yo… now that is pretty bad…. but still the couple was in love, so it is okay I guess. 8 years difference is not that bad….. and I have dated models before…. that being said I will hangout with almost any woman who is kind and friendly looks are not priority, but looks do inspire me… I am inspired by beautiful women… not for the beauty but for the inspiration they bring me in my design work, painting etc. My best friend before was a pageant queen, my other friend was Miss Kansas… and I also knew another Miss Kansas…. so Anna being a Miss Ukraine does not bother me…. Yes I know she can get any guy she wants, she can get a billionaire, millionaire etc…. but maybe she will choose a regular guy like me…., or maybe she won’t…. I don’t really mind if she doesn’t pick me…. she still inspires. So what, if I became rich someday… and maybe that is what these women want…. well I don’t stand for that, but sometimes they do want security… well I probably won’t be rich, but my grandparents are…. so maybe I will be if they pass things down….

            Conclusion…Sorry to burst your bubble… but again I have dated women that were in Nati, and Anna’s caliber numerous times…. I’m just broke right now… so that is my problem with dating anybody… it is harder… and I do take my advice and yours for repeating…. as I said previously I do not discriminate in regards to looks.

            I have been writing Nati for quite some time, & sometimes I take a break… but I enjoy writing her… even if she never really responds…. at least I am giving my time and effort to share my thoughts…. as that is rather free for the most part…. and I have said before that I enjoy Nati’s intellect… she is quite the woman…. I like to see her progress….

            Looking forward to your reply. :)

          • Hello Brent,
            I’ve been reading your comments for a while now and I have absolutely nothing against the way you write. I do however agree with ”Dani”. The point is not that Natacha or other models are ”out of your league”, but you do keep mentioning feeling lonely and depressed because you’re ”waiting” for Nati or Anna, or whoever, to notice you.

            If you spent the time you spend on waiting for instagram models to notice you on going out and reaching out to other beautiful women in your every day life, maybe you wouldn’t feel lonely or sad. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, it’s not meant to be rude or offensive in any way, just trying to help.

          • I have very little to say here, just kidding…..
            but no I am tired of women telling me who I should like and who not to…. If you think some regular woman would be better just because she is close to me… you must fooled and lying to yourself…. I have been with women around me and they leave me WORSE off…. this is not some special occasion I am talking about… THE QUALITY OF WOMEN is very bad in general…. most look at a guy like a money spigot and they are living in a land of fairytales with their feet off the ground. As long as the man participates in these fairytales… and gives whatever, then he is an enabler, I don’t want to be that.

            I would rather be lonely and like a woman who some say is not reachable…. than waste my time and money with someone merely because she is close to me.

            I am a good man, my loneliness is a result of the circumstances we have in modern society…. in the old days, my grandparents days… I would not be lonely, I would have been respected and appreciated by a Decent woman…. to bad we can’t turn back time.

          • Hi Brent, thank you for replying to me in a nice way. You seem like a really nice person in general, but I think because you have been hurt before by some women who only wanted you for your money, you therefore presume every woman is the same. They are not.

            What is your type? Because based on your writing here they are hot supermodels who are jet setting around and partying with other models. Do you think that fits your personality and your life style?

            I read that you are tired of women telling you who you should like or not. I am not trying to do that, of course that is up to you. And I hope you don’t take it that way. But you seem depressed and lonely, and writing to supermodels online is probably not gonna change that.

            And you have to stop thinking that all women wants is money. Maybe some places, like LA where Nati are, there are a lot of gold diggers. But the majority of women doesn’t care about wealth, they want a good person who they have things in common with. A best friend and a life partner. I think you have had some bad luck in the past, and maybe you are in a area with a lot of rich people and gold diggers, I don’t know, but in the real world this is not how things work.

          • Hello T
            I live in the real world and that is how things have worked for me… I mean come on I have known maybe 30-40 women over the past 4-5 years and I mean fairly good close relationships where we talked, communicated, etc. at least daily for the duration of time… and they were all practically the same as I described earlier!! Acquaintance level I knew maybe 200-250 women from out and about you know.. so my theory was out of the sampling atleast one would be good, respectable and you know a traditional valued woman, well I found three out of what 250 Acquaintances and 40 friends?? Those three married richer established men… and they were good women, who were level headed and thrifty, so even them they wanted the wealth as well…. and they themselves carried none of the traits of a gold digger whatsoever.

            In regards to models, jetset, etc. that is not the defining characteristic that I look for as I have stated before…. even though A is a model… take for instance the fact that she is at school that is not necessarily jetsetting around and she is with her mother a lot when she travels for vacation, jobs etc, I love that bond between her and her mother…. and think it’s a good trait. I follow her mother on IG private account too and she accepted my request. just an fyi.

            So, Maybe you look at the wrong things here… you see me liking a model here and there… when it is really the underlying woman I like, what she portrays, her frugality, etc…. it has nothing to do with the fact that a few ”ARE” models….. Even Nati herself appears to have slowed down in life… with less material items and jetset life…. so that in itself is a good thing coming from her.

            Feel free to carry on with your replies, or advice… I appreciate the thoughts, etc… although I wish we had another venue…. I don’t like all this stuff pulling down Nati’s blog…. this is her blog…. so I wish the topic would stay on point.

            Good day for you and I hope Nati has a good evening and Thursday!

          • Hi Brent,

            I read all your comments here and the replies you got and one thing just struck my mind: when you (or anyone else for that matter) say that some women marry for MONEY- you can’t know that now can you? I personally think that, yes, some women are attracted to the money BUT MANY MORE are attracted to other qualities in the man who happens to have a lot of money. He might be strongwilled, passionate about what he’s doing, have a good self-esteem, be intelligent, interested in developing himself, handsome, good in bed, have a great sense of humour, good values and so forth and so on. So focusing on the money really says more about you really. YOU are preoccupied with being broke and low on the social ladder plus the fact that you clearly are mentally instable. I don’t care if you are tired of WOMEN telling you what to do, you really should listen to these WOMEN since it’s a WOMAN you want to romance. Duh?! Women know these things. Some women here on Natachas blog find you sweet, some find you really, really creepy and scary. I personally have no opinion on your personality but definetly react to the way you seem to have aggressions towards women. My advice is to no stop being angry and filled with negativity. The right woman will come into your life when the time is right and when you give a more sensible impression.

            I wish you all the best.

          • Ada I beg to differ with your opinion… I am not instable at all, women who sell their bodies to the highest bidder are unstable….. You typical women are ridiculous & I’d rather be single than be with some nonchalant woman who thinks she is special because she has tits and an ass…. and even those are bought and paid for sometimes. I like Natacha…. somewhat…. so her readers might find me creepy…. who gives a shit…. I guess it’s a bad thing to like someone and to display it through writing, etc… only if you’re a man… and only if you’re not rich…. RIGHT?? If the matters were different I would be portrayed as something special…. I don’t really care what anyone thinks because no results are changing the situation… I’m not getting anywhere and neither is anybody else…. So it’s me who is wasting my time continuously I am the loser in the equation and I am used to that… so big F’ing deal..

            and women marring for money… I told you that the good women I knew married richer men… where is the error in that equation?? There is no margin THERE…. haha. and thanks for putting me down in low place where I always reside…. I am used to it… since I don’t have a social life…. like that matters anyway.

          • You have gotten some good advice and honest opinions but you just interpret it the same way as always ‘yet another evil greedy slutty woman trying to tell you what to do’ . And you don’t like that now do you. Honesty and sincere concern does not interest you. People (women) finding you messed up and trying to explain how they perceive things that you say means nothing to you. You feel miserable but are incabable of receiving encouriging and insightful piece of advice. Since what you’re doing now clearly isn’t working for you one would assume you’d be at least a bit open to new wieuves and thuoghts? And WHO is the one person CONSTANTLY putting you down? You think about that. People herr are actually caring and trying to help you open your eyes to certain things.

  2. Nati,

    Kan inte du beratta hur du tranar! Jag har efter ar av office work blivit en riktig soffliggare. Usch! Men nu antligen borjat pa gym ie lyfter vikter osv. Hur gor du? Kor du slut pa muskelgrupperna, eller kor du latta reps och manga? Din kropp ar min malbild… har val 20 kilo office fett innan jag ar dar, men jaklar vad jag ar motiverad.


  3. Vad patetiskt det kan bli. Anonyma kommentarer och känslosvallningar. Kommentarerna är intressanta och jag började tänka att vad synd att bloggens skribent aldrig aldrig ids ödsla tid eller energi på att svara. Jag skulle verkligen vilja veta vad hon tänker om Brent. Pliiiis Natacha skriv ngt om vad du tänker om fans av den här typen

    • Ada who cares…. I generally write good stuff, until someone like you criticizes me for what I write…., or whom I like merely because she might be model, etc.. so what if Natacha doesn’t like me enough to write back except one time where she mentioned my writings. I think your just jealous because you don’t get the attention…. and I don’t want your advice on how to get a woman…. and I’m not a fan… of Nati… YOU’RE THE FAN… you treat her like she’s a celebrity when deep down she is just a regular woman, with feelings like any other WOMAN… for godsake. Open your eyes and quit putting her on a pedestal. Maybe if you would quit idolizing her so much… you wouldn’t be sitting here telling me how to fix my problems because I happen to enjoy her as a person… and the fact that I do that through her blog is no big deal. I enjoy writing and I believe she does too.

      So conclusion is You’re pathetic Ada for criticizing and trying to mentor me… and telling me that whatever I am doing isn’t working… how do you even know that? Is life some charted out path… or do you have a crystal ball, or what?? Didn’t think so…. & You don’t even know me… whatsoever anyway… so look in the mirror and fix your own flaws because you obviously have a few.

      More than anything I like Nati’s SMILE… it brings some joy to my heart when I see her smiling in her pics…. and that’s all I’m saying for now. :)

      Good Evening for Nati…. <3

      • First of all Brent, fighting with other women on Natis blog is not going to impress her, just saying. No one here is judging you, just trying to help. Why are you getting so defensive about it all?
        The belief that money plays a huge role for women when it comes to choosing a man is untrue! It’s a common misconception, any woman will agreed to that. We are already 3 girls on here stating this fact.
        Maybe it’s just your acquaintances and the people you surround yourself with that are obsessed with money?
        Or maybe its the strong gender roles that you guys have in America that teaches women to be dependent on a man, and that marrying a man with lots of money therefore is crucial? What you are portraying here seems like some other kind of world that I (and many other girls on here) are not familiar with.

        • Linda,
          I’m sorry I had no idea that my goal was to ”impress her”….
          rather I want to follow the blog and enjoy it. If I wanted to impress I would probably be less realistic… maybe even lie about things and my potential…. but that’s not me I don’t typically spin the truth, or hide behind lies. Again I am posting because I believe a response is deserved, not necessarily because I want to…. I am not fighting with anyone here… they are disagreeing with me and I accept that…. and I am simply giving my response…. and nothing more.

          I am far from perfect and by admitting that…. I am letting you know that I am a reasonable person.

    • Ada – allt det du skrivit har jag funderat på att skriva själv men inte vetat hur jag ska skriva det utan att bli elak. Du lyckades dock skriva det himla bra! Tyvärr verkar inte information gått in men vill folk inte lyssna och ta till sig information och råd så vill dom inte…

    • Just goes to show the psychopaths trolling Nati’s blog… LOL.
      So many critical non relative people here…. I am one of the few who have given continuous support of her… and you all talk shit and wish bad things… typical jealous sub human beings. Especially the one above… Every one of you who has been critical of me and trying to persuade my life and who I like can PISS OFF.
      Thanks for being such a Bitch…. to this poster above!!

      • Hi Brent. As another reader put it earlier, maybe its the american way. Swedish women work for their money, we DONT rely on any man to support us, we make our own money. There are many successful women out there who doesnt depend on a man, and to say that EVERY woman is a golddigger is pretty bad, but hey i dont live in the states…. But it find it hard to believe that almost every american woman is a golddigger. You might not mean it, but it do sounds like you look down on women:(

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