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  1. It’s as if… there’s a story behind your pics in this post…
    Of course I have a creative mind… and I like to share my thoughts… so will do that.

    First why I adore… Nati… Your Personality, Confidence, Potential, fact that you Cook, Love for your family, Good Energy and take care of your Appearance, everything always.. ALWAYS.. Bedazzles me… would find myself falling in Love daily if we were together… maybe we will be someday.

    So the story starts… Am interested in others telling a story too if they are inclined… Please Nati’s readers tell me what you think… I am a story teller today.

    Anyway, she(Nati) sees the wandering eye of a decent looking man taking a brief glance…. So being the Sexy Confident woman that she is… she spins her body slightly… allowing her Fine hair with the subtle curls pressed in… to float through the air…

    Then the guy takes another look… he’s so drawn in now as her curves are fully displayed as in pic 2… haha. Wow, he’s in Love quite literally. he’s never seen a Better looking woman in his entire life… and he knows it!!(Love at first sight gets no greater.. hehe 😉 )

    Woman, (Gorgeous Princess Nati in this case) then spins farther…. giving a surprise face as man’s jaw starts to drop… he’s still so taken away by her overwhelming Beauty, he doesn’t know what to think… and this time he’s left gasping for air…. as she just took his breath away… Lol.

    After a few seconds man can finally breathe again… Then Nati starts to walk up slowly…… mans heart is still racing… & he’s speechless as she get’s closer… and closer… and closer.. She then leans in and places a Kiss on his cheek :)

    Man then leans over to her ear and whispers… ”Just one glance from those Beautiful Sparkling eyes of yours and you can win the Heart of any man!”

    They then fell in Love Happily Ever After… haha :)

    Love the outfit & Goodnight to you Sweetheart
    Big Hugs

    • wow brent you are a good story teller tho i was picturing my self instead of nati ha ha. is there any better feeling than being crazy in love..? i cant think of anything better and ofcourse knowing that man is just as crazy about me:D

      • Hi Helena…. Thank you for liking it… :)

        Yes I think long lasting Love is Great…. That too me is like crazy in Love…. For example, when man surprisingly sees the woman, (or maybe lady sees man) and his/her breath is taken… that is very rare… and is something I look for, but sometimes Love exists without that characteristic…

        Sometimes a man and woman are heavily in Love regardless… so much so… that most other things are in the periphery aside from the basics obviously you need some basic standards to survive… that is Awesome Great Love implemented while avoiding outside disturbances and occurances…. in other words most other people are outside the focal point of the Lovers. Like they wholly live for each other… and their family :)

        Then their is mutual beneficial Power Love… where two fantastic people get together and great things happen… because they offer each other synergies… and their Love life and careers grow together… that is great too.

        Love is Good!
        Have a nice Friday!

  2. wow brent you are a good story teller tho i was picturing my self instead of nati ha ha. is there any better feeling than being crazy in love..? i cant think of anything better and ofcourse knowing that man is just as crazy about me:D

  3. Jag gillar din blogg och framförallt när du skriver lite mer personliga ”djupa” inlägg! Att kommentera utseende är alltid en känslig fråga, men nu tänker jag göra det ändå därför att mitt budskap är något jag ”tror” på. Jag anser att det finns en stor risk att tappa perspektivet lite när man börjar modifiera sitt utseende med fillers av olika slag och så vidare. Du har alltid varit väldigt naturligt vacker Natacha men jag tycker att du har förändrat ditt utseende mycket senaste åren. Jag tycker att fillers visserligen gör att ansiktet ser slätt och ”skulpterat” ut, men att det samtidigt på något sätt blir platt och livlöst – samt att man ser betydligt äldre ut. Jag blir ledsen när jag ser så många unga tjejer som förändrar sina ansikten så mycket på detta vis, det känns fel på något sätt. Förmodligen är det inget som kommer att göra någon skillnad men jag hoppas ändå att du skulle lägga modifierandet lite på hyllan och använda ansiktet till det som gör det vackert – att skratta, grimasera och så vidare! Då kommer den naturliga skönheten fram enligt mig. Men oavsett med eller utan fillers och annat önskar jag dig allt gott i framtiden :)


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