6 reaktion på “Wish lanterns!

  1. You keep the dream/hopes alive…. <3

    For the Sweetheart Nati.. I wish for all your dreams/goals to come true!! This starts with realizing that the dreams themselves are not merely dreams, but instead future realities to be found, shaped, realized, appreciated and Loved/enjoyed.

    As for myself… I wish for a Happy… long lasting relationship with a great woman. I also hope for great wisdom and a career to keep us both in a healthy relationship, so we can continuously fall in Love with each other. :)

    I'm sure everything will come together… for both of us sooner than later! 😉

    Have a Wonderful week, Darling!
    Sending my Hugs & Kisses

  2. Din blogg funkar inte som den ska, man kommer till en varningssida när man går in på peyreblogg.se, osäker om det är virus


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