Dagens måste!

Idag körde vi hårt på gymmet, så skönt!
Imorgon ska jag dit igen tidigt på morgonen innan jag måste fixa massa annat. :)


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22 reaktion på “Dagens måste!

  1. So… Sexy :)

    I want my hands on your body… Lol.
    cause there is So much going on there…. haha.

    Great… great… job on the workouts too… Darling!!
    It is definitely paying off 😉

    Hope you get a good night of sleep…. tonight.

    Goodnight Love!
    & SweetDreAms

      • And I care what you say?? I think your terrible for calling me creepy… & You judge me now… but if you seen me in real life you would probably want to date me LOL… of course I would probably pass you up… haha!
        Because you sound like a bitch!

        • First of all: If you don’t care – why do you reply? Second: why am I more ”terrible” for calling you ”creepy” than you calling me a ”bitch”? Just interested in hearing you explain because I don’t think you can. Isn’t calling someone a bitch to judge someone? Oh, and I definitely think you would pass and not date me – not because my looks – but because I don’t think you can handle me. I’m so WAY out of your league. Please call me bitch if you like – to me that’s a compliment! :-) And yes – it IS creepy to write to someone ”I want my hands on your body”, ”Darling”, ”love” etc – if that person is not your girlfriend/mistress/lover, We are a lot of bitches out there that think so! I can’t see how you can’t see that you could be called creepy for something like that?

          • Wow maybe you should go back to your hole in the wall type environment…. no man wants a bitch… and if your claiming the word is a compliment… good luck with anyone even thinking twice ABOUT you… haha. You are probably a club going woman that is utterly worthless, and I beg to differ with your thoughts in regards to my comments… anyways because I had a woman call me Love multiple times and we were not even an item…. and I accepted the thought without thinking twice!!! because it is just WORDS and nothing more… the words can make some people feel warm and welcome inside… Maybe your just mad because you don’t get the attention… Lol.

            Good luck with your life… because it sounds like you have some issues with yourself…. maybe suggest some counseling…. haha.

            Have a nice Friday HELEN!

          • Hi ”BRENT”! :-) Thank you so much for your reply! I think it’s wonderful that you show your true self – so that everybody that read this blog, and Natacha, can see what you are really all about. You are showing such a nasty side of yourself it’s kind of shocking! You have a terrible temper that you need to learn to control. And you have a terrible way of attacking people and wanting to hurt them when they say something you don’t agree with. These are all very unattractive qualities and not qualities any woman want in a man/boyfriend. You don’t know anything about me – more than that I found it creepy when a man seemed obsessed with a woman he never met and wrote that he wanted to touch her body etc…- and still you just continue to attack me based on a lot of ridiculous assumptions. I wrote before that I looked forward to reading your explanation about the difference between me calling what you wrote to Natacha creepy and you calling me a bitch – because I suspected that you wouldn’t be able to explain this difference – your latest response shows that I was right. You are not even using any arguments – you are just attacking me in a completely irrational way. I don’t have an issue with myself – I have an issue with men that stalk women and write creepy things to them (and that now also show a tendency to aggressiveness and bad temper). I don’t ”live in a hole in the wall type environment”!?! I have an amazing boyfriend, exciting job and a wonderful life where I travel the world – not thanks to luck but thanks to intelligence, ambition and a personality that people find endearing and pleasant! And I would never waste my time going to clubs! You are so wrong about me that it’s hilarious! And about bitch – let me explain why I found it a compliment when you called me that – I refer to a definition in wikipedia here: ”‘Bitch’ = can indicate a strong or assertive woman, one who might make men feel threatened”. That you called me a bitch was a compliment because it showed that you felt threatened by me = i.e. you gave me a lot of power! No one ever calls me a bitch otherwise as I am usually very submissive and kind to everybody – that’s why I find things like that creepy and that’s why the things you write about me makes me sad. If you read my comments again you will find that I am really not attacking you in the way you are attacking me. Can you see the difference there? Objectively – do you really think what I have written is worse than what you have written?

            I feel sorry for you – that you have to write such mean and evil things about people in order to feel better about yourself. I feel very sorry for you because I can read between the lines and I can see what you are all about. I truly hope that you will get your life back together and become happy. I wish you success. I don’t think you are a bad person – just lonely and bitter. You end your last message with wishing me good luck – but it’s written with a lot of resentment and anger. I on the other hand truly wish you good luck – and I really mean it. I don’t have any hate in me towards you – like you seem to have. I just thought that you crossed the line – your usual sweet messages become a little creepy. Good luck!

          • @ Helen… Give me a break Lol…. you are ridiculous talking about stalking….. I can’t even name one GOOD WOMEN in my life that is worthwhile…. so I like to read and comment on Nati’s blog alot because there is no one else in my life to invest my thoughts in… who cares?? She is a strong woman with good traits and that is why I am attracted to her!! & Helen you think I give a shit about what you think or say?? I could care less because I don’t even know you… so get the fuck out of here with that nonsense…. I hang with executive grade people not some subpar woman like yourself… who calls a guy a creep when she doesn’t even know him!! Go hang with your boyfriend I’m sure he is a real douch bag… Lol for putting up with your shit. And you calling my traits unattractive… Lol fuck you.. because I am a good man!

          • Poor Brent. You don’t even see how you expose yourself (i.e. show your true nasty self) by writing such nasty things? You are really classy aren’t you? Using words like ”fuck”, ”bitch” and ”shit”. Does that make you feel good? Instead you should grow up, cultivate some nice attitude and refined language and you might, just MIGHT, find ”one good woman in your life”!?! What kind of a life do you live when you judge everybody around you – and label all women around you as ”no good”??!? I can’t even believe you are for real. Maybe you should stop judging people around you and take a second look – they might not be as bad as you think if you give them a chance, if you stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop being so incredibly rude, insecure and aggressive. These are all advice from me that come from a good place – there is no need for you to work yourself up again and write rude things back. Just think about what I have written – you know that I am right about this. The more nasty things you write back the more you prove my point.

          • Helen you’re a piece of trash trying to make me feel bad about myself… go fuck yourself… I ‘m not gonna measure my life or my potential by your criticism… Lol. Your like the woman bully… and nobody likes people like you… Lol.
            I hope you live a crappy long lasting life… because that is what you deserve!! Spreading your negativity and creepy thoughts onto others.

            Have a nice day… BITCH!

    • Dear Brent,
      Thank you again for proving my point – by once again writing such an ugly and mean response! :-) Great! It makes it so much easier for me! :-) I was really trying to reach out to you – I don’t know why you don’t see it? Are you blinded by bitterness and hate? What do you think ”Nati” thinks about what you are writing to me? Do you think that she thinks you are a gentleman? A man that she would like to know and trust? When she reads these comments she will see another side of you – the dark and very unpleasant side: that curse and hate, humiliates and show such aggression and lack of self-control etc. When you have calmed down a little I hope that you can think about that and reflect over your behaviour and maybe feel motivated to change your attitude and end up a happier man! :-) Good luck!!

  2. Måste bara fråga var du köper dina leggins/träningstights från? :) Både dessa grå och de svarta som du har i inlägget efter är ju supersnygga!


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