Hemma och har en lat dag, ska laga mat snart sen kanske åka till Louise och dricka lite vin och snacka lite skit.
Hörs sen.


Photo on 9-28-14 at 7.01 PM

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  1. Hello Darling :)
    The good ol’ lazy days, haha… gotta love them :)

    I need at least two….. maybe three per week… Lol.

    Although… my days of being lazy consist of sitting around and programming…. so I’m actually being rather useful for myself, just not from a physical standpoint! 😉

    Hope the food is good… I want a woman to cook for me someday and vice versa…. Have never experienced that… Lol. and I’m serious too!!

    The stuff I LOVE about you is…pretty much everything, your personality is always great and you look good in almost anything. you like to cook which is a bonus as well… and your blog is great! <3

    by the way I Loved all your pics from today… & your new hair is just adorable too… :)

    In regards to hair… Did you know that a "slight curl" often draws the eyes to the face where as a "busy curl" will often draw the attention away?? So yours is perfect!

    Hope you enjoy your night… of wine drinking and BS'ing.
    Goodnight Love <3


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