Min nya tavla!

Min vän gav mig en tavla och jag är sjuktglad över den.

I Love popart!!! Tavlan ser inte så stor ut på bilden men är stor och ska rama in den i en sjukt snygg ram.

Ni får se när den hänger på väggen hemma hos mig, så excited!

Min vän heter Elmo Hood och ni kan googla hanns tavlor som är helt underbara.




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2 reaktion på “Min nya tavla!

  1. Wow that is a great painting…. Pop art is interesting although I prefer more realistic portraits myself. Looks like Your friend is very good artist in the pop art side, he has great talent!

    As for me, my favorite painting that I own is not even hung, it is hidden and OUT OF SIGHT, Lol… My second favorite is one I bought in Santa Paula last year… my friend’s dad was very close to Steve Mcqueen before he died of cancer and I actually bought one of Steve’s old paintings, is a portrait of Claudia Cardinale… would not believe that I bought it without knowing Steve owned it, Lol… the friend did not tell me, he just SMILED when I picked it from his personal collection, He had many paintings in the his personal airport hangar too, although I only saw a few of them. In hindsight I should of bought a few more when I was there.. haha!

    Myself kinda have a dream of making frames for paintings someday…. being an engineer/designer would like to design and manufacture a few unique frames for myself and friends. Think it would be cool!

    Can’t wait to see the painting hanging Nati… Also, Make sure you pose next to it.. once you get it in place, haha!

    Good night to you.


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