Galen skjutning på klubben!

Omg jag och min kompis var mitt i skjutningen på 1oak igår inte ok.

Sugar Night rapparen blev skjuten flera gånger i magen och det kom blod ur hanns mun så läskigt 3andra personer brevid oss blev skjutna det hade kunnat vara oss.

Jag och Esra gömnde oss bakom en soffa på golvet, hela klubben var på golvet, folk sprang och grät. Vi var mest i chock.

Chris Brown var den enda som stod upp och skrek ”Fuck this I’m not leaving”.

Det var som i en galen film fullt med policer utanför och helikoptrar.

Kolla alla videos helt galet:





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17 reaktion på “Galen skjutning på klubben!

  1. You and your friends put yourselves in this precarious environment/situation…. then act surprised? It is time to OPEN your eyes Nati… the places you’re at and the people within them are no good! When will you learn? These rappers and party type people have no morals, or values and the end of the road comes early for folks like that… Hello… haha.

    I think you are obsessed with the scene and being a part of the clubbing atmosphere which is sad… , or maybe your so called friends are pulling you into it continually?? Think you should really think about leaving LA for your own good.

    Hope you have a decent evening and glad you’re still ALIVE.

    • I usually think that your comments are relly cute Brent and you seem like such a nice person :)
      I dont know if you care for Natasha TOO much since you dont even know her (or am I wrong?)
      But i still appreciate evertyhing you write to her, think its cute haha

      However, its not like she is the one putting herself into these situations? I have been through similar things at clubs, it often happens that people fight! Especially when they’re drunk. Sure, killings do not often occur but almost..
      How do you think people are supposed to live their lives? in a cave? never go out? never party? its fun to do once in a while :)

      • You’re right, people should not live in caves… but sometimes I say things from past experience which leads me to a conclusion of nothing really good coming from the scene. That is why I mention that the environment is bad… it usually is, or so I think…. Sometimes our minds trick us into thinking differently, but in hindsight we often might think otherwise.

        Also, you know it only takes one bad moment/situation to change a beautiful life/lives? Why put yourself, or anybody else in harms way repeatedly… You know I had friend who passed from this type of behavior(just last year) at a young age and she left behind three beautiful kids… What do you think my friend’s kids would say, if she had instilled the same basic views as you have…. on the partying that ultimately ended her life?

        That being said, I do not know Nati… I stumbled across her blog 2 years and have been drawn to it and her somewhat. Like her openness and her beauty and her intellect is great too.
        Think she is a GREAT person inside and out.

        Wish I could of met her when I was more presentable myself.. have been hurting for the past few years of heartbreaks and ups and downs in life, alot of change unexpected has arrived into it. Compare my current life to a car when the wheels falloff… imagine that , haha! 😉

        I hope you have nice day,
        Have been searching for nice days myself… haha!

        Hope Nati has a Wonderful day too!

  2. Svar: Hon är inte känd, så därför inte.

    Jag menar mest på alla dessa inbjudningar, casting och andra evenemang som konstant nämns och alla år i LA så är det underligt att ingen i USA vet vem NP är. TMZ är kända för att ha koll på folk på Z-listan. Men Ö ligger ju längre ner.


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