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  1. Hi, this may come to your attention or it may not; however, I felt compelled to share this with you as well as other bloggers. I’ve been reading your blog for years now but I have done one huge error, which is to read your blog without letting you know about my religion.

    My religion is one that is vastly misunderstood by the social media as well as people in general, and this is due to the lack of knowledge. This religion is Islam, and I wanted to tell you the basics of it.
    We believe in one God, Allah, which literally means in Arabic the one God. It’s in singular form and can’t be bent to plural, the way God can become Godess, Gods, etc. The emphasis of one God is very important, and the fact that He has no sons, wives or anything–He is free of need. He is the Almighty, He is the Creator, and unto Him we will all return in the Day of Judgement and be held accountable for our actions.

    We believe that prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) was His messenger that was sent by God to convey the above message, that God is One and that we should obey Him and worship Him alone. He is the last prophet, after a long line of various prophets.

    We believe in the former prophets such as Abraham and his offspring, as well as Jesus, may peace be upon them. We believe they were sent to deliver the same message as the prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) was sent with

    Islam is translated into the peace that comes from the submission to God, and it is a way of life. By this I mean that it is all inclusive, it’s not merely ‘believe and you will be granted paradise’ because no one is promised Paradise. You believe, you worship, and you obey Allah. So Islam is all inclusive, it tells you how to conduct yourself in personal worship through fasting and prayers, as well as treating people with kindness, respect, how society should be conducted, as well as law; it is a way of life and not just faith.

    Therefore acts of worship is simply not praying, do good and be good for the sake of Allah, spend your earnings for the sake of Allah (i.e giving money to the needy) and you worship. Obey what He has commanded you to do, and you worship.

    Muslims believe that Allah has put us on this planet as a test, as a mere trial to see whether we submit ourselves to His will or deviate away from Him. Hence the purpose of Satan, and the weak nature of human beings.

    We believe Allah is Oft-Forgiving. He forgives all sins, as long as you repent. And you repent by merely asking for forgiveness. By saying ‘Oh Allah, please forgive me’ and you mean it, you are forgiven.

    All humans are equal in the eyes of Allah, so it doesn’t matter what gender, ethnicity, nationality, whatever you are or have; we’re all equal.

    So that is very briefly the nature of Islam. There is far, far more to cover but I am obligated to give you this message whether you believe in it or not to clear up ignorance. I am under the assumption that this message won’t be taken to kindy with the demonization of Islam in society but I do hope it broadens the perspective of the religionn to anyone who may or may not read this message.

    Thank you very much if you took the time to read this. May God bless you and guide you, whether you believe in Him or not.

  2. Hej Fina du!

    Hoppas du haft en underbar jul :) vore SÅ kul om du har fler bilder fån Hawaii som du vill visa, det är ett utav mina drömresemål, så vore jättegulligt!
    Fortsätt med din fina blogg, älskar din energi! är i samma ålder o känner igen mig e också lycklig lottad m bra gener, och jag tror på att bara ta för sig av allt d goda o älska o uppskatta de underbara människor man har i livet. Massa kramar till dig och hoppas att 2014 blir ett ännu lyckligare År!

  3. Hej Natacha jag måste fråga vart du köpte dina isabel marant sneakers letar över allt måste ha ett par snart innan en plåtning snälla hjälp mig
    God jul bästa du


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