Never again Polynesian Adventure Tours!

Can you imagine stabbing yourself with a fork in your own throat and then rub salt in the wound and at the same time forcing yourself to drink somebody’s old urine.
I swear it was the same feeling as going to the Volcano tour we went on today.
We thought it would be fun to see real volcanoes, but instead we had to sit on a tour bus full of old people listening to a tour guide talk about the fruit on the island for 15 hours!
I’m not kidding! Almost all the people were sleeping on the bus and complaining about how brutal the tour was.
On top of that we were freezing to death, it was cold and raining outside and on the bus the air conditioning was on the highest setting.
I felt like killing myself a million times on this trip! On top of this they didn’t show all the sites they promised on the website, they said we would see black sand beaches and we didn’t see anything like that.
The only cool thing on the whole tour was the lava tubes and that lasted 15 minutes out of the 15 hours we spent on that god awful bus!
Finally when we got back to the airport they would not even let us take the shuttle back to the hotel because we didn’t take it to the airport cause we had to drop off our rental car before the flight.
We even called a few days before and they said we could take the shuttle back to the hotel!

I just wanted to warn all of you because i got a lot of comments asking about where i booked all my activities.
Whatever you do, DO NOT book with Polynesian adventure tours!!!!
They do not know how to take care of their customers and i will never spend a single dollar there again.


Anyway here are the pics i took.

The bus zZzZzzzz

The volcano

A handsome guy i found there 😉

Ohh haa ihhh ahhh ohhh haa ihh ahhh!!! We where thinking to sacrifice the tour guy!

The only 15min of fun!

My boyfriend gets tired of walking sometimes


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4 reaktion på “Never again Polynesian Adventure Tours!

  1. Ser ut som om ni är på The big Island nu? Vill bara tipsa om en grejj ni inte får missa när ni är där och om ni bor på västra sidan. Att dyka eller snorkla (beroende på om ni har cert) med mantor. Det var lätt det som var det bästa på hela vår resa i somras. Förutom mantor så såg vi vilda delfiner på den turen. Vi åkte med Big Island Divers och de var helt fantastiska!


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