the word tired is not enough to described how tired i am today…..

Dancing by myself…lol!

If one picture could described how I felt today… this would be the one

I believe everything happens for a reason. When Iv been searching for something in life I’v never found it but once I stopped looking it has always come to me. I don’t believe you should have to try too hard.

I hope that you’v all been good, Iv been working and having fun during these days. I haven’t been that stressed but I’v still had problems sleeping. I had some really bad nightmares tonight, somehow I lost my sister and couldn’t find her anywhere, it was terribly exhausting! Maybe due to some kind of inner stress, who knows.

Yesterday I had a very nice dinner with a friend at Koi. Today I’m seeing Isabel and later on maybe a chill dinner with the girls. There are a lot of stuff going on this weekend, dinners, parties, things in Vegas, birthdays etc. I’m getting all confused, hahaha!! Its strange how it sometimes never happens anything and then all of a sudden all fun seem to happen at once, but unfortunately you don’t have time or energy to do all these things at the same time.

Lots of love/ Nati