Lets talk about planking, i know people invented uging now and other stuff.
But planking was first and is the most embarrassing pose to do.
I think people that have done embarrassing planks in front of people shows that they don’t care what people think
and that they don’t take them self to serious and they have humor. And i like that!
Here is some planks that i did, under is some celebrity planks.

The playboymansion plank….

The yacht plank…

The Forex plank….


Celebrity planks.

Justin Bieber

Playmates planking with Hugh Hefner

Katy Perry planking



Normal or very Childish?

Today is my lovely friend Emilia taking pictures of me.
And i have some ideas that we are gonna try. :)
But before i have a lot of things to fix.
Yesterday i hang out with a friend from before, we went to the movies and saw ”Planet of the Apes”.
After we went to sushi ya with some friends, the main discussion at the table was how friends start talking the same and almost have there own language. For ex me and my friend Louise have invented words for different things so nobody else can understand.
Are we just very childish or douse everybody do this? Haha!!